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The Fat Snook - Cocoa Beach, Florida - October 2011

The Fat Snook

2464 S. Atlantic Avenue
Cocoa Beach, Fl

4.5 / 5 Stars

The ambiance of The Fat Snook is of a small quaint quiet restaurant (seats 46).  It is upscale in feel (with the exception of a few minor misses by the management), but not overly stuffy.  The service is very good.  Looking at their menu, the focus of the restaurant seems to be on their seafood specials.

Fat Snook Menu from our
 October 2012 visit
My companion and I had the Leese Fitch Cabernet 2009 / Sonoma, CA and Alois Lageder Pino Grigio 2009 / Trentino, Italy. The pours were on the smaller side, but adequate nonetheless. The wine was delicious and served at a perfect temperature.

We started out with 2 appetizers; the Lobster Bisque and Grouper Cheeks Escovitch
Lobster Bisque
Lobster Bisque:
I've had Lobster Bisque probably well over 50 times in different restaurants.  I understand there are many different preparations and interpretations of this dish, but this was not a good one.  The bisque had almost a complete lack of flavor like a (barely warm) bowl of skim milk.  My companion agreed.  I have looked at other online reviews of this restaurant and have seen the same comment.  My server noticed I didn't eat it and management generously offered me a bowl of she-crab soup (at no charge) instead.  In fact, they were gracious enough to not charge me for either soup...very nice. 

She Crab Soup

She Crab Soup
My Lobster Bisque was replaced with the much more satisfactory She Crab Soup.  I originally shied away from this soup because the menu said it contained roe (aka Crab Eggs), but you would never know that was an ingredient in it unless you were told.

Grouper Cheeks $9.00
Grouper Cheeks Escovitch
The grouper cheeks were expertly prepared with a delicious sweet and sour sauce.  My dining companion was 100% pleased with the dish.  I myself, didn't care for the texture of the cheek meat, but that was just a personal preference and in no way reflected the spot-on preparation of the dish.  If you are a fish cheek connoisseur, I am sure you would enjoy this.

Caesar Salad (included)
Ceasar Salad
The Cesar Salad with shaved Parmesan was satisfactory.

Tripple Tail Special $32.00

Tripple Tail
The Tripple Tail was served over a creamy risotto topped with frisee. The fish was expertly cooked; delicately crispy on the outside and flaky on the inside.  The risotto was also perfectly cooked and seasoned; creamy, but not mushy.  The integrity of the texture of the rice was exactly as is should be.

Cobia Special $31.00
The Cobia was served over creamy spinach.  Again, the fish, vegetable and sauce was perfectly cooked and paired; crispy on the outside and flaky on the inside. 

For dessert we chose the goat milk ice cream with a fig reduction and coconut creme brulee with nutella. The desserts were some of the best I ever had - hands down!!  Like death row last meal good.  We talked about them for hours afterward. 
Goats Milk Ice Cream.
Opps - we dug in before I remembered to take a picture
I can't relay to you how good both of our desserts were.  In fact, the two desserts also perfectly accompanied each other.  The Goats Milk Vanilla Ice Cream was served over a short bread cookie.  The ice cream was so rich and flavorful and it was perfectly paired with a fig fruit sauce that gave just the right bit acid to contrast the sweetness of the dish.  So good.. really SOOOOOooo good.

Nutella Crem Brulee
The Nutella Coconut Creme Brulee was amazing. It had melted nutella on the bottom, perfectly executed creme brulee and then it was topped with the most interesting creamy meringue.  I've never had a meringue that tasted anything like this - it tasted like a creamy warm marshmellow.
Cappucino $5.00 each
We ended our meal with a cappuccino.  The cappuccino was perfect.  No complaints.

The service was top notch.  It was perfect.  Our server; knowing that we were celebrating, brought us each out a complimentary Lemoncello.  That was a very nice touch.

Our bill total was 135.68 (not including tip)
Bisque & She Crab Soup (no charge)
Grouper Cheek $9.00
Cobia Special $31 Market Price
Tripple Tail $32 Market Price
Wine $7.00 per glass
Cappuccino $5.00 each
Creme Brulee 9.00
Goat Milk ice cream $9.00

Now let me preface this with saying - I am being picky here.  When I pay almost 70.00 per person plus tip I expect everything to be pretty darn near perfect. Here are the minor things I noticed. 
  • The temperature and saltiness of the food was off just slightly on a few of this dishes; this was just my opinion. 
  • The women's bathroom:  I could have done without the missing floor molding and the sign saying if I put a tampon down the toilet, the piped would immediately plug and an alarm will go off. 
  • The restaurant does not serve complementary bread with your meal.  You can buy bread for 4.00.  This didn't bother me, but for people who like bread with their soup and salad, that might be seen as a negative. 
  • The restaurant is beer and wine only; no liquor.  This is just a fyi.
  • The service was prompt and great.  When we had an issue, it was taken care of immediately; without me even asking.  The food came out at perfectly times intervals.
  • The food overall was terrific.  Its great to have a locally owned restaurant that is doing something out of the ordinary in Brevard.  The main course was perfectly cooked and the desserts were very memorable!
The Fat Snook is a great local restaurant and I would recommend it as a good place to go to celebrate any special occasion.   Reservations are recommended.

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