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Jason's Deli - Melbourne - October 2011

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Jason's Deli
1509 W New Haven Ave            
Melbourne, FL 32904

At my husbands recommendation we found this deli in the strip mall with party city and joanns fabrics. Its very clean and a good size place packed with lots of tables and not a lot of booths. Extremely popular with the weekday lunch crowd. Not the place for a private talk or peace and quiet.

Pretty much cafeteria style. You wait in a line that moves at a decent speed. Good variety of meats, like corned beef, pastrami, turkey and roast beef. They have what looked to be a nice soup and salad bar. They also offered panini and muffaletta sandwiches. Along with 1/2 sandwich and slim sandwich options. Slim meaning 1/2 the meat on a whole sandwich. Not the best option if you're watching your carbs!

I went with the make your own sandwich and ordered a roast beef and swiss on rye with Russian dressing and lettuce. The beef was lean, no strands of fat hung from each bite (I hate that!), and it was a generous portion. The rye was fresh but I could have used a little more was too dry. It came with a good amount of chips (the ruffles variety) and a pickle spear (the deli kind).

For around $8 I found it to be a good size meal and since you don't get table service you save on the tip!

I give it 4 stars overall. And 5 for being one of the only places to get real New York deli meats!

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