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Brasas Grill - Cocoa - December 2011

Brasas Grill
Brazilian Steak House Churrascria
109 Brevard Avenue, Cocoa, FL 32922

4 Stars / out of 5

This is my 4th trip to Brasas in the few years it has been open near downtown cocoa village.  On this evening, my dining companion and I went along with 2 others who had never been to Brasas. 

Brasas is a family run business.  Therefore, the food etc. may not be "corporate perfect" as you would get at a similar chain type restaurant like Texas De Brazil; but Brasas is also less expensive.  The restaurant has a home like ambiance and the service is very friendly.  You may see a server bringing your meat and then later playing music.  Simply put, its obvious to me that they do care that you have a good experience.  If your not getting something you would like or cooked the way you would like - I would definitely ask for it. 

Brasas is fixed price; $25.00 for each adult for the "parade of meat" which includes:

Top Sirloin and Garlic Sirloin
Flank Steak,
Pork tenderloin
Garlic Chicken and Chicken wrapped in Bacon
Cornish Hen
Brazilian Sausage
and then roasted pineapple dusted with cinnamon.

The meats are roasted on large skewers and then brought to your table side individually by your server where you can choose if you would like to try them and how much and then.... they just keep on coming until your done.  

To start our meal, we ordered a $28 bottle of Cabernet. It was smooth and delicious.  They also serve wine by the glass.

Your meal stars with bread and a salad bar.  The bread is delicious.  Its little pockets filled with cheese.  Yum.  The salad bar, while it looks quite home style - there was nothing on it I didn't enjoy. I tried the potato salad, plantains and tomato salad. 

Everyone dining with us likes chimichurri sauce, so we usually grab a small bowl of it from the salad bar and bring it back to the table for our meal.  Its good on everything!! 

The Parade of Meats
Top Sirloin and Garlic Sirloin
Garlic Sirloin - Flavorful Yummy Goodness

One of the favorites at the table.  The garlic sirloin is so flavorful.  I could have ate this all night!

Flank Steak

Good, but on this night we all thought it was slightly overcooked.  I have had others tell me that they will make your meat to order if you have a preference.  Thinking back, I should have asked them to do that for us.  Next time I would try that if it was necessary. 

Pork tenderloin
Delicious and cooked just right.

Garlic Chicken and Chicken wrapped in Bacon
Good, but unfortunately on this night most of us felt it was overcooked. 

Cornish Hen
One of our favorites.  So tender, delicious and flavorful

Brazilian Sausage
The least favorite at our table. While it definitely isn't a hot dog, it is slightly reminiscent of that flavor in my opinion.  It not that it tasted bad, I think its just that everything else was so good, that it wasn't comparable.

The service was excellent! At the end of our meat parade, we were asked if there was any of the meats we would like more of... I though that was a very nice touch. We asked for more garlic sirloin and cornish hen.  They cooked extra fresh for us.

Roasted pineapple dusted with cinnamon. 
Everyone enjoyed this.  It really didn't taste good sitting in my chimichurri sauce though.  I should have asked for a clean plate. They had told us in the beginning to let them know if we wanted clean plates at any time, so I should have spoke up. 

I have never went to Brasas with children, but I have heard they are welcomed and charged a very reasonable smaller price.

I love this place and so did the newcomers we brought with us.  The meat all had such great flavor and overall I feel it is an excellent value for the price.  I would enjoy having a selection of different sauces at the table for the meats.  For me, that would make elevate this great dining experience into a super one.

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