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Djon's Steak and Lobster House - Melbourne Beach - May 2012

Review of:
Djon's Steak and Lobster House
522 Ocean Ave.
Melbourne Beach, Fl

Two of my friends and I had dinner recently at Djon's.  This was our first occasion to dine here.  We each ordered a petite filet (comes with whipped potatoes and hericot verts (green beans).  We ordered a wedge salad, oysters with a spinach creme sauce and a grilled asparagus salad tfor starters.

Wedge Salad


Grilled Asparagus Salad

This is a beautiful restaurant - definitely date night worthy.  It has beautiful table linens and chandeliers, a great location and a nice bar and with a beautiful fire pit outside. One of my dining companions thought the restaurant was too "weddingish" in decor, but I liked the decor.  It is apparent that a lot of thought was put into the restaurant's ambiance. They have indoor and outdoor seating.

I thought the service was very good and of adequate speed for the restaurant type.  When I am having a dinner on the fancy side - I would rather linger a bit.  One of my dining companions thought the service was slow, but she was visiting from Washington DC; so that may be why. Service does seem to be a bit slower in Brevard County to out-of-towners.

All of our appetizers, in my opinion, were fantastic.  In fact, for me they were the highlight of the meal.

The filet with whipped potatoes, while acceptable, definitely gave off a wedding vibe in taste and presentation to me.  This restaurant does advertise they host weddings. That didn't surprise me. The hericot verts were seasoned and cooked perfectly tender crisp.  However,  I was not a raving fan of the whipped potatoes.  They weren't bad, I would have just preferred something a little heartier to accompany the steak like a garlic mashed; just a preference. 

I had 2 martinis, a wedge salad and petite filet.  My total for my meal with tip was in the $80 range.

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