Saturday, July 28, 2012

Beachside Bagel World & Deli - Satellite Beach - try this place out!

July 2012

Beachside Bagel World & Deli
1301 S. Patrick Dr
Satellite Beach, Florida 32937

I happened to come upon Beachside Bagel World a while back on complete accident while I was looking for some place else.  It was a happy accident however and I have been back several times since. 

Beachside Bagel World is a great place to quench your bagel craving.  I don't live anywhere near this little gem, but we still make the drive once in a while because we just enjoy going. 

The bagels are good and the cream cheese is spread on generously!  The vibe here is very chill.  You can hang out at a table or on a couch and watch some TV and enjoy your breakfast.  The people that work behind the corner are always sooo nice.  Every time I have been there they have went out of there way to be kind to us. 

I haven't had a chance to stop in and try lunch at Bagel World, but I hope to soon.

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