Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Medieval Times - Orlando, FL

Medieval Times - Orlando, Florida (Kissimmee)
December 2012

4510 W. Vine Street Kissimmee, FL 34746
(888) 935-6878

I was a first time visitor tonight at Medieval Times in Orlando.  I was looking for something fun and different to do with family that was in from out of town; including children ranging in ages 6 through 8 1/2 years of age. 

Medieval Times is VERY kitsch, but if you can let loose and just enjoy it and get into the cheering and jeering - it is a very good time. 

I bought tickets online with a promo code at a $24 savings per ticket.  For $35 per person, I felt it was a good value. 

Our tickets said to arrive an hour early, but I feel it was really not necessary to arrive more then a half hour before the show as your table is assigned. The venue is fairly small and in my opinion every seat is a good seat. We sat in the last row and it was fine. The show is approx. 2 hours long and everyone had a good time. Dinner is served during the show

The food, while not gourmet, was totally fine.  Dinner (included in the ticket price) consisted of soft drinks, tomato soup, garlic bread, baked chicken, potato, a spare rib and an apple turnover.  I skipped the soup course as I had heard it wasn't the greatest.  I had one small bite of the garlic bread.  For me, it just wasn't worth the calories.  The chicken was quite delicious and the portion was ample; a whole half chicken per person.  My spare rib was a bit fatty, but nice tasting.  The apple turnover, while skimpy on the apple filling has a delicious puff pastry.  Utensils are generally not provided, but it was FUN to get into the medieval spirit and eat with our hands.  

All the staff was polite and hard working. Medieval times has a bar on premises as well as bar waitresses who take orders 1 or 2 times during the show.  The bar waitress seemed quite overwhelmed with the number of guests she was responsible for.  However, she was polite and tried her best.   

The show is slightly violent with lots of hand to hand combat, sword fighting etc.  The jousting was excellent.  The male actors were absolutely stunning!  Everyone enjoyed themselves.

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