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Edelweiss - Melbourne Florida

2543 S Harbor City Blvd
Melbourne, FL 32901
(321) 723-6555

September 2013
I complain sometimes about the restaurants around Brevard county.  Too many chains, too much okay food, not enough GREAT food.  I've lived here a long time and Edelweiss has always been on my "to do" list for a long time, but I just hadn't got there yet.

My daughter plays travel soccer and we've been venturing out a lot on the weekends getting out of our "bubble."  We have gotten to try some new GREAT places lately!  There actually are several really good places in the area (just not near my house I guess...)

This weekend, after her game we ventured into Edelweiss.  Edelweiss is a quaint, casual and independently owned restaurant.  The food at Edelweiss is excellent.  I love a great plate of home cooked food and this is exactly what you will get here. It is almost like being a dinner guest at someone's home.

My spouse and I and 2 children came into Edelweiss for an early dinner.  We spent some time in Germany and Austria over the summer, so we were excited to get to reminisce about our trip with some authentic German and Austrian food.  The food at Edelweiss is as good as some of the very good food we had on our vacation this summer abroad.

We started with a mixed salad plate and the kids shared a soft pretzel.  The soft pretzel was excellent!  Everything you would want it to be.  The mixed salad plate had a little bit of all of their salads and it was a very enjoyable way to try a little bit of everything.  My favorites were the cucumber salad in a sour cream based sauce, the warm potato salad with vinegar and bacon and the fresh coleslaw.  They were all amazing!

For dinner, since it was my first time dining here, I got a basic wienerschnitzel plate.  You can have pork or chicken for your wienerschnitzel , but our server (one of the owners) said the chef recommended the pork as more flavorful, so I went with the pork with a side of red cabbage and spaetzle.

The plate of food was VERY generous.

And I can't believe I ate every last bite of it.  It was that good!

The wienerschnitzel was delicious and the cabbage was great too. Everything was seasoned to perfection.   The spaetzle was hands down the best I ever had.  It had lots of nutmeg in it that gave it the most delicious taste.  I have had my share of awful doughy heavy spaetzle before.  In fact, I usually don't like spaetzle because so many people don't know how to make it that great.  This spaetzle at Edelweiss was fantastic.

Edelweiss is casual and kid-friendly for well-behaved children. The restaurant is small and intimate, so I wouldn't bring any loud kids.  Our kids loved Edelweiss.  They offer a children's plate of chicken schnitzel and fries that they both really enjoyed. I tasted the chicken schnitzel and it was very good (but yes, in-line with our server's recommendation I thought the pork schnitzel was better).

Our bill was $69 dollars (not including tip) for 2 small appetizers, 2 adult meals and 2 kids meals and 2 beers and it was worth every penny!  I was so happy with our dinner, we surely won't wait so long to go back again! If you go to Edelweiss, call to check the restaurant hours ahead of time.  They are open Wednesday through Sunday for dinner.

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