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Olive Tree Greek Grill - The Avenue Viera

Olive Tree Greek Grill Review - April 2014
The Avenue Viera
2270 Town Center Avenue
Suite 113
Viera, FL 32940

Sun - Thurs 11am-9pm
Fri - Sat 11am-10pm

Welcome to the Olive Tree Greek Grill; the newest addition to the Avenue Viera!

I LOVE Greek food!  I grew up right outside of Detroit, Michigan.  The Detroit area has a large Greek population and has Greek restaurants everywhere!  I was excited to try this new addition to Viera. When I first heard we were getting a "Greek diner," I was so hoping for a new breakfast place, but for now the Olive Tree is a lunch and dinner restaurant only.

The Olive Tree Greek Grill has been open about a week.  My dining partner and I decided to give it a try for a weekday lunch.  Thinking it might be busy, we went in early.  The restaurant was super quiet.  In fact, the restaurant and the reception we got when walking in was so quiet I wasn't sure if the restaurant had officially opened yet.

Olive Tree is a "fast casual" concept.  You order your food at a counter and then it is brought to your table.  Beverages are self serve.  My dining partner and I each ordered a Greek Salad with Gyro meat and shared an order of falafel balls to start.  Is falafel Greek?  I'm not sure about that, but I love falafel, so I ordered it anyway.

The falafel consisted of 5 small appetizer balls.  It came out crispy golden brown.  For my tastes, it was a tad too mushy/wet in the center, but that may be just a preference thing.  I don't think I would order it again, but it was fine all the same.  My dining partner had never had falafel before and she enjoyed it.  Falafel is made of ground chick peas and seasonings which are shaped into balls and fried.  The menu says it is served with tahini sauce, but it came with tatziki sauce.  The tatziki sauce (aka cucumber yogurt sauce) was awesome.

Our gyros came out quickly; which was nice, but we ordered Greek salads.  No problem.  The correct order was quickly brought out. The server also forgot to bring the dressing for the salads and the pita bread that is supposed to come with it.  Opening week jitters most likely.  The Greek salad and gyro meat was delicious and I would order that again.  The Greek salad dressing was delicious!

The menu (click here) overall looks very nice.  I did notice a few things though.  The price point was sort of high for a salad lunch.  Our lunch for 2 was $34.00 for 2 Greek salads with gyro, a falafel appetizer, a coke and a water.

I don't mind paying for quality, but I still think $12.50 for this Greek Salad might be too pricey.  Hopefully I'm wrong.  We all remember Doc Greens don't we?  Or maybe you don't.  They were a salad joint in the Avenue when it first opened and had a similar price point.  They went out of business right quick.

The Olive Tree also has no typical "kiddie food."  Viera is full of families and parents with little ones love fast casual.  That could be a mistake in regards to the long term viability of the restaurant.

All and all, I enjoyed my Greek salad and I wouldn't hesitate to go back again when I have a Greek salad craving.  It is a nice addition to The Avenue Viera.


We stopped back in the Olive Tree recently for lunch again.  They have now added 2 kid's options both for $4.50; a kid's chicken souvlaki plate and a kid's gyro plate.  Both options are meat served over rice or fries and includes an apple juice box.  Below is a picture of the kid's gyro plate.  My kid's used the pita from my salad to make a little gyro sandwich with it. 

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