Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Burger Place - Downtown Melbourne

The Burger Place
811 East New Haven Ave
Melbourne, FL 32901

Monday - Thursday
Friday - Saturday

Recently we stopped in for lunch at The Burger Place in Downtown Melbourne. My spouse had eaten at the Burger Place several times, but this was my first time.  The restaurant has a cute 1950's throwback feel.  It is a fast casual joint where you order at the register and then the food is brought to your table when it is ready.

Mini Burger Combo

The burger was AWESOME! For me, it is probably the best restaurant burger I have had in the area.

I preferred it over Five Guys for several reasons:

(1) The bun! The Burger Place makes their own homemade buns and it is awesome!! Fresh baked, but grilled on the inside, just how I like it.

(2) The cheese! My burger had real cheese on it, not that processed orange stuff.

(3) The fries! I like a crispy fry. The Burger Place had good crispy fries.

I ordered a mini burger combo with everything on it which included a good sized 1 patty burger, fries and a soda. The meat on the burger tasted fresh, delicious and premium. The price for the combo was about $8.50.  I felt it was a reasonable price point for the meal!

The kids meals were reasonable as well and came in these cute little cars!

The restaurant was super clean (including the bathrooms) and the service was good.

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  1. I totally agree with you. They do a great job!


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